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201712Simulation  research of the influence of the users' download behavior in social  applicationsShen T、陈曦INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INC.SSCI/SCI
201711Fishmeal  Supplier Evaluation and Selection for Aquaculture Enterprise Sustainability  with a Fuzzy MCDM ApproachTsung-Hsien Wu、Chia-Hsin Chen、茅宁、Shih-Tong LuSymmetrySSCI/SCI
201708Boundary-Spanning  Demand-side Search and Radical Technological Innovations in China the  Moderation of Innovation Appropriability张文红、Yapu Zhao、Longwei Tian、Dong LiuMangement DecisionSSCI/SCI
201705A  Proposed Method to Analyse Various Impacts on Adoption of Different Sources  of Primary EnergyZhang Tao、Xin-long Xu、陶向南、Hsing Hung ChenJournal of Renewable and Sustainable EnergySSCI/SCI
201705Battle  of the Channels: the Impact of Tablets on Digital Commerce 许开全、 Jason Chan、Anindya Ghose、Sang Pil HanMangement ScienceSSCI/SCI
201705Formulation  and Analysis of Grid and Coordinate Models for Planning Wind Farm LayoutsHuan Long、Zijun Zhang、 宋   哲、Andrew KusiakIEEE ACCESSSSCI/SCI
201705Different  Forms of Relationships Between Vocational Interests and Career Maturity in  Chinese ContextYan Liu、Kelly Z. Peng、毛伊娜、Chi-sum WongJOURNAL  OF CAREER DEVELOPMENTSSCI/SCI
201704Trust  in Inteterorganizational Relationships: A Meta-analytic IntergrationZhong Weiguo、Su Chenting、Yang Zhilin、彭纪生Journal of ManagementSSCI/SCI
201704Physical  Proximity Increases Persuasive EffectivenessYanli Jia、黃韫慧、Robert S.Wyer Jr.、Hao ShenJOURNAL  OF CONSUMER PSYCHOLOGYSSCI/SCI
201704How  do Users Cope with Trial Restrictions? A Field Experiment on Free Trial  Software杨雪、Na Liu、Hock Hai TeoInternational Journal of Information ManagementSSCI/SCI
201704Service  Implementation in Manufacturing Fims the Role of Service-orientated Human  Resource Management Practices and Demand-side SearchYapu Zhao、张文红 Depeng Liu、Longwei TianMangement DecisionSSCI/SCI
201704IPO  Price, Heterogeneous Priors, and Gradual Information Flow蒋   彧、方先明、Haofei WangSingapore Economic ReviewSSCI/SCI
201704Day-ahead  Predication of Bihourly Solar Radiance with a Markov Swith Approach蒋   彧、Huan Long、Zijun Zhang、宋   哲IEEE Transactions on Sustainable EnergySSCI/SCI
201704Regional  Effects of Export Tax Rebate on Exporting Firms: Evidence from China安礼伟、C. Hu、Yong TanReview of International EconomicsSSCI/SCI
201703Five  Year Plans, China Finance and Their Consequences陈冬华、Oliver Zhen Li、Fu XinChina Journal of Accounting ResearchSSCI/SCI
201702The  effect of leadership on work-related flow: a moderated mediation modelJunbang Lan、Chi-Sum Wong、蒋春燕、毛伊娜LEADERSHIP ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT JOURNALSSCI/SCI
201702The  Impact of Director's Heterogeneity on IPO Underpricing徐志坚、汪    丽、龙   静Chinese Management StudiesSSCI/SCI
201702Dual-level  Transformational Leadership and Team Information Elaboration: The Mediating  Role of Relationship Conflict and Moderating Role of Middle Way ThinkingYahua Cai、贾良定、Juexing LiAsia Pacific Journal of Management SSCI/SCI
201702Catch-up  via Agglomeration: A Study of Township Clusters贾良定、Sali Li、Steve Tallman、Yaqin ZhengGlobal Strategy JournalSSCI/SCI
201702Who  will Keep an Eye on Government Policy? Evidence from Chinese Pharmaceutical  FirmsYing Zheng、陈传明、Hualiang RenChinese Management StudiesSSCI/SCI
201702Westward  Movement of New Polluting Firms in China: Pollution Reducaiton Mandates and  Location ChoiceHaoyi Wu、Huanxiu Guo、 张   兵、卜茂亮Journal ofComparative EconomicsSSCI/SCI
201702IPO  Price, Heterogeneous Priors, and Gradual Information Flow蒋   彧、方先明、Haofei WangPrague Economic PapersSSCI/SCI
201702Social  Conflict and Wage Inaquality 皮建才、Pengqing ZhangJournal of EconomicsSSCI/SCI
201702An  Economic Analysis of the Political Promotion System in China皮建才Zbornik Radova Ekonomskog Fakulteta U Rijeci-proceedings of Rijeka Faculty of EconomicsSSCI/SCI
201701The  Influence of CEO Relationship-focused Behaviors on Firm Performance: A  Chain-Mediating Role of Employee Relations Climate and Employees' Attitudes席    猛、赵曙明、Qin XuASIA PACIFIC JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENTSSCI/SCI
201701The  Effects of Physical Distance from a Brand Extension on the Impact of  Brand-extension Fit黃韫慧、Yanli Jia、Robert S.Wyer Jr.PSYCHOLOGY& MARKETINGSSCI/SCI
201701Sentiment  Community Detection: Exploring Sentiments and Relationships in Social  NetworksDong Wang、Jiexun Li、许开全、吴宜真Electronic Commerce ResearchSSCI/SCI
201701Measuring  China's Domestic Production Networks throughTrade in Value-added PerspectivesBo Meng、方   勇、Jimin Guo、Yaxiong ZhangEconomic Systems ResearchSSCI/SCI
201701Endogenous  Leadership in Tax Competition: A Combination of the Effects of Market Power  and Strategic Interaction皮建才、Xuyang ChenB E Journal of Economic Analysis & PolicySSCI/SCI
201701The  Impacts of Rural Property Rights on Urban Unemployment, Wage Inequality, and  Welfare in Developing Countries皮建才、葛   扬、Jun YinB E Journal of Economic Analysis & PolicySSCI/SCI
2017Workforce  diversity in manufacturing companies    and organizational performance: the role of status-relatedness    and internal processes Jin Nam Choi、Sun Young Sung、张正堂INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENTSSCI/SCI
2017Technological  diversification, environmental regulation and technological innovation  performance in chemical firmsDu JS、彭纪生CHIMICA OGGI-CHEMISTRY TODAYSSCI/SCI
2017Efficient  karaoke song recommendation via multiple kernel learning approximationChu Guan、Yanjie Fu、Xinjiang Lu、Enhong  Chen、李小琳、Hui XiongNEUROCOMPUTINGSSCI/SCI
2017Political  connection of financial intermediaries: Evidence from China's IPO market陈冬华、Yuyan Guan、Tianyu Zhang、Gang ZhaoJOURNAL OF BANKING& FINANCESSCI/SCI
2017Analysis  of market competition and information asyrmmetry on selling strategiesWeili Xue、 Jiaojiao Zuo、徐小林ANNALS OF OPERATIONS RESEARCHSSCI/SCI
2017Glass Ceiling  Effect in Urban China: Wage Inequality of Rural-Urban Migrants during  2002-2007曲兆鹏、Zhong ZhaoChina Economic ReviewSSCI/SCI
2017How do Grea  tShocks Influence the Correlation between Oil and International Stock  Markets?张   兵Applies EcnomicsSSCI/SCI
2017The  Effects of Haze Pollution on Stock Performances: Evidence from China张谊浩、蒋   彧、Yongji GuoApplied EcnomicsSSCI/SCI
2017Forecasting  China's GDP Growth using Dynamic Factors and Mixed-Frequency Data蒋   彧、Yongji Guo、 张谊浩Economic ModellingSSCI/SCI
2017Exploring  the Price Dynamics of CO2 Emissions Alloances in China's Emissions Trading  Scheme PilotsKai Chang、裴平、Chao Zhang、Xin WuEnergy EconomicsSSCI/SCI
2017Foreign  Capital, Pollution Control, and Wage Inequality in Developing Countries皮建才、Pengqing ZhangInternaitonal Review of Economics FinanceSSCI/SCI
201712利率工具、銀行決策行爲與信貸期限結構盛天翔 王宇伟 範從來中國工業經濟一流期刊論文
201711新型城鎮化中的産城融合及其福利效應丛海彬 段   巍  吳福象中國工業經濟一流期刊論文
201711從自利到德行:商業組織的制度邏輯變革研究刘德鹏 贾良定 刘畅唱 蔡亚华 郑亚琴管理世界一流期刊論文
201708多産品企業、彙率變動與出口價格傳遞韩   剑 郑秋玲 邵   军管理世界一流期刊論文
201706”逆全球化“與實體經濟轉型升級筆談——”一帶一路“倡議下全球價值鏈重構與中國制造業振興佟家栋 谢丹阳 包   群 黄群慧 李向阳 刘志彪  金   碚 余淼杰 王孝松中國工業經濟一流期刊論文
201706組態視角與定性比較分析(QCA):管理學研究的一條新道路杜运周 贾良定管理世界一流期刊論文
201705環境規制引起了汙染就近轉移嗎沈坤榮 金   刚  方   娴經濟研究一流期刊論文
201705機構投資者對其持股公司績效的影響研究——基于機構投資者自我保護的視角张涤新 李忠海管理科學學報一流期刊論文
201705獨立董事只能連任6年合理嗎?——基于我國A股上市公司的實證研究陈冬华  相加凤管理世界一流期刊論文
201704策略性媒體披露與財富轉移——來自公司高管減持期間的證據易志高 潘子成 茅    宁 李丹心經濟研究一流期刊論文
201702顯性契約、職工維權與勞動力成本上升:《勞動合同法》的作用沈永建 範從來 陈冬华 刘俊中國工業經濟一流期刊論文
201702中國基礎設施超常規發展的土地支持研究葛   扬 岑树田經濟研究一流期刊論文
201702國際産能合作與重塑中國經濟地理吴福象 段   巍中國社會科學一流期刊論文
201702中國情境下的政策執行問題研究吴少薇 杨   忠管理世界一流期刊論文
201702創新政策的不確定管理效應與創業企業創新行爲研究施丽芳 廖飞中國行政管理一流期刊論文
201701宏觀問題之微觀證據與微觀研究之宏觀價值——第五屆宏觀經濟政策與微觀企業行爲學術研討會綜述範從來 陈冬华 王宇伟 沈永建 姜国华經濟研究一流期刊論文

201612Hukou  system reforms and skilled-unskilled wage inequality in China皮建才Pengqing ZhangChina Economic ReviewSSCI/SCI
201612Altruism,  moral hazard, and sharecropping皮建才Agricultural Economics-Zemedelska EkonomikaSSCI/SCI
201610Privatization,  Unemployment, and Welfare in the Harris-Todaro Model with a Mixed Duopoly皮建才、Jun YinB E Journal of Economic Analysis & PolicySSCI/SCI
201603The  impacts of capital market distortion on wage inequality, urban unemployment,  and welfare in developing countries皮建才、Xuyang ChenInternational Review of Economics and FinanceSSCI/SCI
201605Unemployment, Wage Inequality and International  Factor Movement in the Presence of Agricultural Dualism李晓春、Yuanting XuReview of Development EconomicsSSCI/SCI
201604Exchange  Rate Pass-through to China’s Export Price: A Product-level Investigation韓劍、沈豔枝China & World EconomySSCI/SCI
201603Impact  of the Joint-Stock Reform of Commercial Banks on the Effectiveness of  Monetary Policy in ChinaRuzhao Gao、张兵PanoeconomicusSSCI/SCI
201601If Efficiency of Crude Oil Market Affected by  Multifractality? Evidence from the WTI Crude Oil MarketRongbao Gu、张兵Energy EconomicsSSCI/SCI
201608Recent  Hikes in Oil-Equity Market Correlations: Transitory or Permanent?劉德溯Energy EconomicsSSCI/SCI
201602Interaction Between Output Efficiency and  Environmental Efficiency: Evidence from the Textile Industry in Jiangsu  Province, ChinaLei Jiang、        Henk Folme、r        卜茂亮Journal of Cleaner ProductionSSCI/SCI
201612Racing  to the Bottom and Racing to the Top: The Crucial Role of Firm Characteristics  in Foreign Direct Investment Choices卜茂亮、Marcus WagnerJournal of International Business StudiesSSCI/SCI
201607Globalization  and Climate Change: New Empirical Panel Data Evidence卜茂亮、Chin-Te Lin、张兵Journal of Economic SurveysSSCI/SCI
2016Intergenerational  Influence on Adolescents’ Proenvironmental BehaviorJianan Li、刘春林Social Behavior and PersonalitySSCI/SCI
201604What Drives the Internationalization of Chinese  SMEs? The Joint Effects of International Entrepreneurship Characteristics,  Network Ties, and Firm Ownership张骁、        Xufei Ma、        Yue Wang、Xin Li、火栋International Business ReviewSSCI/SCI
201609How do Intermediaries Drive Corporate  Innovation? A Moderated Mediating ExaminationHan Lin、        Saixing Zeng、劉海建、Chao LiJournal of Business ResearchSSCI/SCI
201609The Effects of Ties with Service Intermediaries  on Service and Product Innovations in Chinese Manufacturing firms: The  Mediations of Innovation张文红、        Donghan Wang、        Yapu ZhaoAsian Journal of Technology  InnovationSSCI/SCI
201601The Decision Model of 3-Dimensional Wind Farm  Layout Design宋哲、        Zijun Zhang、Xingying ChenRenewable EnergySSCI/SCI
201606If It Takes a Village to Foster Innovation,  Success Depends on the Neighbors: The Effects of Global and Ego Networks on  New Product LaunchesEric (ER) Fang、        Jongkuk Lee、        Robert Palmatier、韩顺平Journal of Marketing ResearchSSCI/SCI
201602Promoting Continuance Through Shaping Members’  Social Identity in Knowledge-Based Versus Support/Advocacy Virtual  Communities宋培建、        Chee Wei PhangIEEE Transactions on Engineering  ManagementSSCI/SCI
201610Pricing and Capacity Allocation in Renewable  EnergySen Qiao、        陶向南、Rufei Ma、Xin-long Xu、Hsing Hung ChenInternational Journal of Heavy  VehicleSSCI/SCI
201606Exploring Continued Use of Mobile Shopping  Channel in China: The Effects of active coping and its antecedents杨雪、Li Yan、Liao QinyuElectronic Commerce ResearchSSCI/SCI
201612Food  Pleasure Orientation Diminishes the “Healthy = Less Tasty” Intuition黃韫慧、吳 江Food Quality and PreferenceSSCI/SCI
201611Ownership  Effect Can Be a Result of Other-Derogation: Evidence from Behavioral and  Electrophysiological Studies黃韫慧、Yin WuPLOS ONESSCI/SCI
201610Relationship  Between Intrinsic Motivation and Undergraduate Students’ Depression and  Stress: The Moderating Effect of Interpersonal Conflic黃韫慧、呂偉、吳江Psychological ReportsSSCI/SCI
201603The  Out-of Stock (OOS) Effect on Choice Shares of Available Options黃韫慧、Y. Charles ZhangJournal of RetailingSSCI/SCI
201601Downward  Social Comparison Increases Life-Satisfaction in the Giving and Volunteering  Context黃韫慧Social Indicators ResearchSSCI/SCI
201612Cause-related  Marketing is not always Less Favorable than Corporate Philanthropy: The  Moderating Role of Self-ConstrualZengxiang Chen、黃韫慧International Journal of Research in MarketingSSCI/SCI
201611Fused  Latent Models for Assessing Product Return Propensity in online CommerceYanjie Fu、Guannan Liu、Spiros Papadimitriou、Hui  Xiong、李小琳、Guoqing ChenDecision Support SystemsSSCI/SCI
201608Boundary Conditions of a Curvilinear  Relationship Between Decision Comprehensiveness and Performance: The Role of  Functional and National DiversityRebecca Mitchell、Journal of Business ResearchSSCI/SCI
Brendan Boyle、
Stephen Nicholas、Elizabeth  Maitland、赵曙明
201609The  influence of CEO relationship-focused behaviors on firm performance: A  chain-mediating role of employee relations climate and employees’ attitudesMeng Xi、赵曙明、Qin XuAsia Pacific Journal of  ManagementSSCI/SCI
201604Political  Networking Strategy and Firm Performance: A Moderated Mediation ModelYaqing Li、Yan Li、赵曙明、Steven ArmstrongInternational Journal of Conflict ManagementSSCI/SCI
201612When  Does a Proactive Personality Enhance an Employee’s Whistle-Blowing  Intention?: A Cross-Level Investigation of the Employees in Chinese CompanisYan Liu、赵曙明、Li Jiang、Rui LiEthics & BehaviorSSCI/SCI
201612Organizational  and regional influences on the adoption of high-involvement human resource  systems in China: evidence from service establishmentsCan Ouyang、Xiangmin (Helen) Liu、张正堂The International Journal of Human Resource  ManagementSSCI/SCI
201604Towards  a Model of the Right-hand Person毛伊娜、Ching-Wen Wang、Chi-Sum WongLeadership & Organization Development  JournalSSCI/SCI
201601The  Impact of Mentorship Quality on Mentors’ Personal Learning and Work-Family  Interfact毛伊娜、Ho Kwang Kwan、Randy K Chiu、张骁Asia Pacific Journal of Human ResourcesSSCI/SCI
201601A  Strategy Tripod Perspective on Knowledge Creation Capability苏中锋、Mike W. Peng、En XieBritish Journal of ManagementSSCI/SCI
201601農地確權促進了中國農村土地的流轉嗎?程令國、張 晔、劉志彪管理世界一流期刊論文
201612保險保障、家庭資本增長與貧困陷阱孫武軍、祁 晶管理科學學報一流期刊論文
201604《中國可耗竭資源型企業轉移區位選擇行爲的實證研究》評介茅 甯中國工業經濟一流期刊論文
201607高政治技能的員工如何規避工作場所排斥——基于中國文化情境的研究薛亦倫、張 骁、丁 雪、沙開慶管理世界一流期刊論文
201612真我型領導與員工創造力:中介性調節機制秦偉平、趙曙明、周路路、李 晉管理科學學報一流期刊論文

 201509 新型城鎮化中被拆遷戶的福利補償機制研究 吳福象 中國工業經濟 CSSCI
 201503 在適應新常態中培育增長新動力 沈坤榮 求是 CSSCI
 201511 Battle  of the Channels: The Impact of Tablets on Digital Commerce 許開全 Management Science (MS) SSCI
 201509If  It Takes a Village to Foster Innovation, Success Depends on the Neighbors:  The Effects of Global and Ego Networks on New Product Launches 方  二 Journal of Marketing Research (JMR) SSCI
 201504The  Paradoxes of  Word-of-Mouth in Electronic Commerce 林志傑 Journal of Management Information  Systems(JMIS) SSCI
 201504Customer  Involvement And Service Firm Internationalization Performance: An Integrative  Framework 张  骁 Journal of International Business  Studies(JIBS) SSCI
 201504 增值稅轉型、産權特征與企業勞動力需求 王躍堂 管理科學學報 CSSCI
 201501 構建中國管理學理論自信之路——從個體、團隊到學術社區的跨層次對話過程理論 賈良定 管理世界 CSSCI

 201411 政府幹預如何導致地區資源錯配——基于行業內和行業間錯配的分解 韩  剑 中國工業經濟 CSSCI
 201410 知識經濟條件下企業邊界的決定:內外社會資本匹配的視角 徐禮伯 中國工業經濟 CSSCI
 201410 新形勢下中國地方官員的治理效應研究 皮建才 經濟研究 CSSCI
 201409 中國居民收入差距變化對企業産品創新的影響機制研究 安同良 經濟研究 CSSCI
 201408 融資約束與中國企業儲蓄率:基于微觀數據的考察 江  静 管理世界 CSSCI
 201402 中國産業布局調整的福利經濟學分析 吳福象 中國社會科學 CSSCI
 201401 論市場對資源配置起決定性作用後的政府作用 洪銀興 經濟研究 CSSCI
 201412 An  Empirical Investigation of User And System Recommendations in E-Commerce 林志傑Decision Support Systems(DSS) SCI
 201411 Job  Design with Sequential Tasks and Outcome Externalities Revisited Jiancai Pi Economics Letters SSCI
 201410 Short-Term  Wind Speed Forecasting with Markov-Switching Model 宋  哲 Applied Energy(AE) SCI
 201408 Multiple  Dimensions of Human Resource Development and Organizational Performance 成善泠Journal of Organizational Behavior(JOB) SSCI
 201407 Do  high commitment work systems promote employee creativity? A Combinational  Approach to Employee Creativity Chang, S Journal of Applied Psychology (JAP) SSCI
 201407 Leader-Member  Relationship and Burnout:The Moderating Role of Leader Integrity 姜  嬿Management and Organization Review(MOR) SSCI
 201406 A  Social-Structural Perspective On Employee-Organization Relationships And Team  Creativity 賈良定Academy of Management Journal  (AMJ) SSCI
 201404 Do  Organizations Spend Wisely on Employees? Effects of Training and Development  Investments on Learning and Innovation in Organizations 成善泠Journal of Organizational Behavior(JOB) SSCI
 201402 咨詢董事、監督董事與董事會治理有效性 龔輝鋒 管理科學學報 CSSCI
 201401 Foreign  capital, public infrastructure, and wage inequality in developing countries Jiancai Pi International Review of Economics &  Finance SSCI
 2014 A  hybrid particle swarm optimization method for structure learning of  probabilistic relational models 李小琳 Information Sciences(IS) SCI
 2014 Effective  Active Learning Strategies for The Use of Large-Margin Classifiers in  Semantic Annotation: An Optimal Parameter Discovery Perspective 許開全 Informs Journal on Computing(IJC) SCI

 201312 间歇式制度创新与中国经济波动:校准模型与動態分析 孫甯華 管理世界 CSSCI
 201306 預期、收入差距與中國城市房價租金“剪刀差”之謎 高   波 經濟研究 CSSCI
 201301 論創新驅動經濟發展戰略 洪銀興 經濟學家 CSSCI
 201301 长短结合  培育经济增长新动力 沈坤榮 求是 CSSCI
 201309 宗教傳統與公司治理 陳冬華 經濟研究 CSSCI
 201307 Emotion  regulation as a boundary condition of the relationship between team conflict  and performance: A multi-level examination 姜   嬿 Journal of Organizational Behavior(JOB) SSCI
 201306 創業導向對企業績效影響關系的邊界條件研究——基于元分析技術的探索 张   骁 管理世界 CSSCI
 201304 政治網絡戰略、制度支持與戰略柔性——惡性競爭的調節作用 林亞清 管理世界 CSSCI
 201303 Technological  Capability, Marketing Capability, and Firm Performance in Turbulent  Conditions 蘇中鋒 Management and Organization Review(MOR) SSCI
 201303 Social  Media Brand Community And Consumer Behavior: Quantifying The Relative Impact  of User- And Marketer-Generated Content 林志傑 Information Systems Research(ISR) SSCI
 201301 Online  information product design: The influence of product integration on brand  extension 宋培建 Decision Support Systems(DSS) SCI

 201210 中國式分權下的地方官員治理研究 皮建才 經濟研究
 201210 Is relative risk  aversion constant? A reinterpretation of recent asset allocation findings at  the micro level Desu Liu Economics Letters
 201208 Public infrastructure  provision and skilled-unskilled wage inequality in developing countries Jiancai Pi Labour Economics
 201206 科技創新中的企業家及其創新行爲——兼論企業爲主體的技術創新體系 洪銀興 中國工業經濟
 201202 再集成:一種“模塊化陷阱”——基于演化視角的分析 沈  于 中國工業經濟
 201201 信貸量經濟效應的期限結構研究 範從來 經濟研究
 201201 區域房價差異、勞動力流動與産業升級 高  波 經濟研究
 201201 提升總體勞動收入份額過程中的結構優化問題研究——基于産業與部門的視角 範從來 中國工業經濟
 201212 Indigenous research  on Asia: In search of the emic components of guanxi 毛伊娜 Asia Pacific Journal of Management (APJM)
 201210 員工素質、協作性、積極性與績效的關系:三種資本整合的視角 趙曙明 管理世界
 201205 上市公司傳聞的澄清效果研究——來自中國證券市場的證據 劉春林 管理科學學報
 201204 控制權性質影響稅收敏感性嗎?——基于企業勞動力需求的檢驗 王躍堂 經濟研究
 201203 Chinese Context and  Theoretical Contributions to Management and Organization Research: A  Three‐decade Review 賈良定 Management and Organization Review(MOR)

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